Berlin for New year’s Eve !

We are meeting all Tim's old housemates in Berlin ! Carole, Guillaume and Marvin ! 31/12: Let's get ready for tonight ! Tim spent a long time choosing his fireworks ! Marvin bought two slabs of beers (20x0,5L > 12euros !!). All Berlin is getting ready too, with lights everywhere ! 3, 2, 1 Happy... Continue Reading →

Europapark !

18/12 We went to Europapark for two days ! It's a theme park with crazy ride in Germany close to the boarder, the park is organised around the different countries of Europe. We arrived in the afternoon to stay at the Colosseum hotel in the Italian quarter ! Spa and sauna all afternoon ! Around... Continue Reading →


16/12 Alarm at 6:30am... We made a rule a month ago, don't drink and go to bed late before a early morning ! It looks like we never remember this rule.. We had to take a BlaBlaCar, car pooling, at 7:30am to go to Luxembourg ! We just slept all the way... As soon as... Continue Reading →

Paris !

14/12 Bus from Brussels to Paris ! It's still really cold outside, luckily we got friends to host us ! We spend the evening having some delicious wine and a quiche Lorraine made by my friend (from Lorraine !).15/12 Brunch with my friends Carole and Juliette from highschool, they host Tim last summer while he... Continue Reading →


11/10: our bus arrived around 4:40am at Brussels ! We thought traveling will be easier in Europe, same as Asia with the nigh bus... My friend Marie hosted us , so we could finish our night on her apartment ! Tim is feeling thick, his body is not used to the cold European winter... So... Continue Reading →

Germany !

Our 4 months of traveling in Asia are already finished ! It went so fast, it's unbelievable ! Now we are starting our Christmas holidays ! I didn't see my all family since last Christmas, so I had to go back for Christmas ! We flew first to D├╝sseldorf to see Tim's friend George and... Continue Reading →

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